You Bundle Personal Services – Why Not Business Services?

October 25, 2016

It seems wherever I go, I see the television advertisements for bundling your home cable, phone and internet services. The benefits they provide are lower costs, one monthly invoice (instead of three) for everything and one point of contact for all your service questions. Makes sense to me- and certainly millions of others.

This simple concept of saving people time and money is what Employee Leasing/PEO services provide for business owners. Think about it- most employers either do their own payroll, use a payroll company or utilize accounting services. They search out agents for workers’ compensation, general liability, employee benefits and other insurances. During the year they have questions regarding workers’ comp, unemployment and health insurance claims. They deal with the headaches of quarterly reports, garnishments, audits, W-2’s and a pile of other issues including multiple bills to review- all with a number of people to play phone tag with.

When employers bundle these services with an employee leasing company, they unload all the hassles of payroll administrative work, receive workers’ compensation discounts not available through traditional carriers and have access to big company employee benefit programs. Best of all, they have point of contact and receive one invoice on payday – for everything!

So if bundling makes sense at home, why not look into the benefits of employee leasing services for your business? As employers continue to struggle during these tough economic times, right now is the time to look at streamlining unproductive administrative work as well as saving on insurance costs. You owe it to yourself and your business to look into the services of employee leasing. When you’re to see how these services could benefit your business – give us a call. Our information is free and helpful.

How to Collect Payment For Cleaning Business Services

October 24, 2016

Once you have decided to start up a cleaning business, one of many small considerations that you must think of will be how you are going to receive payments from clients for your cleaning services. You will have to think about the choices and decide which options you will offer your customers. There are many ways to collect payments and we have outlined some below along with their advantages and disadvantages.

1) Cash. Traditionally the most popular method of getting paid for a service like cleaning. Popular in the house cleaning sector it is common for households to leave payment in the form of cash or check on the premises to be picked up by the cleaner after the job is complete. This way is still the best if your customers will agree to it as you are paid up front and don’t risk having the account fall behind with payments. Cash also appeals to many small cleaning businesses out there as it helps them to avoid paying tax. Professional cleaning business operators however should operate honestly with the IRS and it is professional to leave a proper receipt for the customer.

2) Another option is to have your clients set up a direct debit from their bank account so that funds are paid to you automatically each week. If cleaning charges are the same and work is done on a regular basis then this arrangement can work well.

3) Credit cards are a popular way of paying for services these days and many of your customers will appreciate the convenience and like to pay by card as they are members of credit card loyalty programs. Getting set up to take credit card payments is costly and there are ongoing fees that you will incur with each transaction so this method is usually only considered by larger, more established cleaning firms. Offering this payment option will however make your services more marketable and if you feature this information in your advertising you may find that many clients are attracted to your service over other companies based solely on the fact that you accept credit cards.

4) Lastly, you can offer to leave an invoice for clients or to mail one to them. This option is not common among house cleaners but is the dominant method in the commercial sector of the cleaning industry. Invoices often offer clients more favorable payment terms with most of them requiring charges to be paid within a thirty day period. This method is very attractive to clients as they can pay in arrears but can give cleaning business owners headaches if invoices become overdue and time and money have to be wasted pursuing bad debts.

The payment options that a cleaning company offers its clients will differ depending on the industry sector and many other factors. Try to get a mix of payment options that offers your customers a healthy choice, enhancing your service yet also offers you as the business owner a simple, low risk solution. If customers have no problems paying you for your services then they will have no reason to complain and your reputation and customer relations will grow.

All About Franchising: Types of Business Services Franchise

October 23, 2016

One of the profitable types of franchise you can choose is rendering a service. In this type of franchise, you don’t have to worry about manufacturing and marketing a product. What you have to focus on is the service that you must provide for the customers using the methods provided by the franchisor. There are different types of business services franchise available nowadays, namely: direct mail, cleaning, shipping, printing, staffing, and financing.

Direct Mail

Simply put this type of business services franchise refers to the delivery of advertising materials through mail. Direct mail began in the 1950s and has survived the recession pretty well. Compared to other forms of advertising, direct mail is relatively more affordable. E-mail advertising can also be considered as direct mail which has lower costs than print advertisement. Franchisers of direct mail can make their business more cost effective by using recycled paper and employing cheap printing technology.


This type of business services franchise is considered labor-intensive, because it relies on the work of employees for success. Although you won’t be doing the mopping yourself, you have to supervise a team that will do the job. You have to train them according to the methodologies provided by the franchisor. As of July 2011, cleaning services franchisors can earn as much as $36,000 per year.


Businesses who require shipping of products are the usual clients of a shipping franchise. This type of business services franchise uses carriers for picking up the goods and bringing it to its destination. Shipping franchisers may negotiate with existing carriers to give their customers better rates on shipping.


Also known as commercial printing or quick printing, this type of franchise became popular since the introduction of quick printers in 1960. Printing franchises use large printing technology to print commercial photos and graphics mostly used for advertisement. As of 2010, there are 6,640 quick printing franchises in the United States, generating annual revenue of $2.9 billion.


Considered as the largest sector in business services franchising in the United States, staffing generates $170 billion as its total annual revenue. It usually comes in three types, namely: temporary help services, professional employer organizations, and placement agencies. Among the types of staffing franchise, temporary help services account for 40% of the total revenue.


Also known as cost reduction franchise, financial service franchise may cater to individuals, small businesses, or large corporations. One of the services offered by a financial service franchise is financial planning for retirees. The franchise employs a team of financial advisors who will provide financial information to customers regarding different types of investments.

How Do You Justify Business Service Fees?

October 22, 2016

The one thing I have seen through my years as a coach that horrifies me, is that the owners of service businesses become defensive and kill the value perception for their business when a perspective client balks at their pricing structure. If you are not confident in your fees how do you expect the potential client to be? When you become defensive and try to justify you have lost the battle before it has even started. You have lost to opportunity to build Value Perception for your expertise.

Here are some Don’t s when you are faced with the question “How much do you charge?”

Don’t become defensive!
Don’t justify!
Don’t make excuses!
Don’t compare and contrast between you and your competition!

Here are some Do’ s when you are faced with the question “How much do you charge?”

Do remain confident!
Do give benefits!
Do authenticate credibility!
Do use testimonials!

I’ll give you an example that recently happened to me. I got a call from a perspective new client who wanted to understand more about the benefits of coaching. She had been referred to me from someone I had met at a networking meeting. Our conversation was going quite well when I started to notice she was hesitating a bit with her questions. Realizing where she was trying to go I asked her to just ask me the question that was really on her mind. I knew this would help put her at ease and give her the confidence to ask me “How much do I charge?”

I paused for just a second before answering to allow her to refocus on our question at hand. I briefly explained my fee structure and waited for a moment to let her absorb the information. A couple of seconds went by and then she tells me that my pricing is a little high. I smiled to myself and went into my DO’ s when asked “How much do you charge?”

I did remain confident in my presentation!
I did explain to her the benefits of working with me!
I did authenticate my credibility with a ROI analysis of past and present clients!
I did use a couple of client testimonials regarding my ability to motivate them into action.

All this time I was building value perception in my services and fee structure. By the time we were getting ready to conclude our consultation she was starting to grasp the talent and ability I had to help individuals reach their full personal and business potential.
Now I stopped her and asked her to take a couple of days to think about working with me and to call on a couple of the clients I have for a reference.

I gave her the names and contact information of two of my existing clients and suggested she check back with me in day or two.

The very next day I received a call from one of the references I gave her telling me she was going to start with me next week. My existing client apparently closed the sale for me. www.sproutetz.?eu.?org